HRIS Analyst Interview Questions

HRIS Analyst Interview Questions

June 5th, 2020

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Analysts enable organizations' HR departments to make optimal use of HR technologies. They analyze the performance of HR solutions, run system diagnostics, and improve processes. They are also required to make recommendations to HR based on their data analyses.

When interviewing HRIS Analysts, look for candidates with demonstrable experience in optimizing HRIS performance, combined with in-depth knowledge of data analysis. Avoid candidates who lack knowledge of standard HR practices and those with limited communication skills.

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Interview Questions for HRIS Analysts:

1. Tell me about your steps to analyze the performance of HR software systems?

Determines the candidate's knowledge and experience with HRIS analysis.

2. Can you describe a time when HR processes benefited from your analysis?

Evaluates the candidate's experience and reveals whether the scenario described aligns with the role.

3. How would you explain the reason for running SQL-type queries to laypeople?

Reveals the candidate's communication skills, as well as their knowledge of running database queries.

4. What would you say is the best way to monitor contractual leave days?

Tests the candidate's knowledge and experience of suitable software solutions for standard HR practices.

5. Staff needs training on a new HR system you implemented. How do you proceed?

Assesses the candidate's experience, as well as their insight into the need for such training.

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