HR Administrator Interview Questions

Hr Administrator Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

HR Administrators are the first point of contact for all HR-related issues and deal with internal and external parties. Responsibilities include updating records, preparing documents, and ensuring staff members receive support.

When interviewing HR Administrators, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills. They should appear professional, and be confident in their ability to solve problems. Be wary of candidates who cannot make direct eye contact, or lack critical thinking skills.

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Interview Questions for HR Administrators:

1. How do you remain positive when fellow staff members have negative attitudes?

Reveals strength of character and ability to remain professional.

2. What are the best strategies when finding the right person for the role?

Tests recruiting skills.

3. Can you tell me about a time when your advice benefitted the company?

Shows commitment to improvement and demonstrates critical thinking skills.

4. How do you proceed when an employee shares sensitive information with you?

Tests ability to handle sensitive situations professionally.

5. How would you organize a team-building event for a diverse group of people?

Tests ability to take different staff members' needs into consideration.

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