How to Answer: "Why do you want to work here?"

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How to Answer: "Why do you want to work here?"

Read our how-to guide on answering the common interview question: "Why do you want to work here?"


Do research.


Research the company.

Research the company.

Find out what the company's goals and ideals are to see where (or if) they align with your own. Try to find out if the company has any training programs for your position and which of these would best suit your career path.

Look into the company culture as well to see what the hierarchy is like and whether this appeals to your preferences.


Research the employer.

Research the employer.

Look for employee reviews to get an idea of what the management staff is like. If, for example, employees are provided with support and reassurance, or if the employers prioritize childcare facilities at the office. Look for information that matches your work style and lifestyle.


Practice for your interview.


Write potential answers.

Write potential answers.

Once you have researched the company, you can start to write potential answers for your interview. With the information you have collected, try to link your own goals and think about how the company and the specific role fits into your career path.

Be sure that your answers are as specific as possible to the company's training programs, goals, or company culture. Being too vague will come across as a lack of interest in the company.


Ask a friend to "interview" you.

Ask a friend to "interview" you.

While you may have your answer written down, it should sound natural when you answer in the interview. The best way to sound more natural is to become comfortable saying your points out loud. You can ask a friend to help you by hosting a mock interview and allowing you to articulate your thoughts until you feel confident.

What Employers are Looking For.

When the interviewer asks why you want to work at their company, they want to know if your values align with the company's. You should prepare for the interview by researching the company's mission and values and finding out how they align with your own goals.

You can learn more about a company from their "About" section on their website, or from looking at their social media accounts. This should reveal projects that they are involved with as well as public statements about their goals.

Example Answers:

When you are preparing an answer, you can keep specific company and personal values in mind to make your answer more subjective. Try to avoid generic answers.

1. Community Service.

I've read about the various community upliftment projects that the company supports, particularly the women's center that the company has provided with ongoing educational programs and business training courses. I firmly believe in empowering women through education and entrepreneurship. I was a volunteer at a local women's shelter in my area throughout College, so your commitment to the community was something that drew me to the company.

2. Company Culture.

A friend of mine works in marketing here and told me about the culture. I love the idea of having frequent team bonding experiences because I think it's important to have good relationships with the people you spend most of your day with. I also appreciate the lack of a hierarchy. It seems like a much more welcoming environment to bring up ideas and learn from others.

3. Brand Familiarity.

I've been following your social media accounts for a few years now and I find your Instagram campaigns brilliant. I particularly enjoyed your series of staff portraits and interviews. Your marketing team seems to be ahead of trends and I would love to work with a team so open to innovation.

4. Interest in a Project.

Your company's work with eco-friendly construction materials and design is something I'm extremely interested in. I read that the homes you have constructed are 25% more energy-efficient than other developments and I would love to be at the forefront of this new direction in architecture.

5. Company Values.

Your company's mission to support women through employment and exposure is something I admire. As a woman in this field, I am often overlooked in the workplace, and while I am confident in my abilities I would like to work in an environment where gender obstacles aren't a daily struggle. I think this creates a space where our work is at the forefront. I would like to work for a company that supports other women, especially young women looking for motivation in a male-dominated industry.

6. Company Reputation.

"I've read reviews from some of your employees and their descriptions of the company's atmosphere was incredibly appealing. I appreciate a company that invests in the ongoing education of its employees, and the environment sounds welcoming to input from employees at all levels of seniority."

7. Familiarity with Products.

"I have been using your devices for over a decade because of their durability and ease of use. At my previous company, I pushed for the use of all of your devices because of the seamless integration between them. I use your devices for my home as well. I would also like to work here and contribute to the development of new projects."

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What to say when asked: "Why do you want to work here?"

Your answer should reflect an understanding of the company and its values, while showing how this aligns with your own. The interviewer wants to see if you will be a good fit with the company's goals and ethos.

What is a: "Why should we hire you?" answer example?

An example answer to this question could be: "I've read reviews from some of your employees and their descriptions of the company's atmosphere was incredibly appealing. I appreciate a company that invests in the ongoing education of its employees, and the environment sounds welcoming to input from employees at all levels of seniority."

How do I answer: "What attracted you to this company?"

You should mention some of the company's values or projects that you resonate with to show why you are interested in this company specifically. Try to make reference to initiatives they support, or the company culture if you were able to find information on it.

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