Head of Operations Interview Questions

Head of Operations interview questions

October 28th, 2019

Heads of Operations manage the operations of organizations, coordinate various business functions, and increase staff productivity.

When interviewing Heads of Operations, the preferred candidate should have extensive knowledge of business processes and be an exceptional leader. Avoid candidates with poor management and motivational capabilities.

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Interview Questions for Heads of Operations:

1. How do you ensure that the services provided by your team are up-to-date and consistent?

The candidate reveals active processes that ensure productivity.

2. How would you increase the efficiency of our operations?

Demonstrates knowledge of time and cost-saving measures without decreasing quality.

3. What is your management style?

Exhibits leadership qualities, people management skills and the ability to accelerate staff productivity.

4. How would you deal with difficult customers?

The candidate conducts research to find the problem and develops an appropriate approach to resolving the issue.

5. What is the most effective approach to negotiating contracts with vendors?

Reveals solid interpersonal skills and a clear negotiation strategy.

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