Hair Stylist Cover Letter

A step-by-step guide with downloadable template.

Hair Stylist Cover Letter

August 15th, 2020

As a hair stylist, your cover letter should grab the recruiter's attention and highlight your most relevant or exceptional qualifications. Your cover letter should also show off your personality and what makes you a great hair stylist. Use our guide to write a great cover letter that will land you an interview.

Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template

This template in Microsoft Word format can be quickly and easily adjusted for a great hair stylist cover letter.

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Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template:

[Name of Company You're Applying To]
Application for the position of hair stylist.

To [Ms./Mr. Last Name],

I was thrilled when I saw the position for a hair stylist at your salon [in/on Location]. I have had a passion for styling hair for as long as I can remember and, having earned my certification, I’m ready to bring my passion to life! With my skills, enthusiasm, and motivation, I believe I would be a valuable addition to your salon team.

I earned my [Name of Certification or Degree] from [Name of Academy or School] and I excelled in my classes on [List Styling Classes], in particular. I pride myself on my [Skill #1] as well as my [Skill #2] and [Skill #3] abilities. My excellent communication skills, positive attitude, and willingness to assist colleagues wherever possible, make me an easy person to work with.

In your job description, I noted that you are looking for a stylist who can also market and sell your popular brand of hair care products. I worked my way through my [Name of Certification or Degree] as a [Sales Title] at [Company Name], where I succeeded in [Quantifiable Result].

As someone who is motivated to improve their skills and learn from the best, I’m excited at the prospect of working at such an established salon. I’ve attached my resume with further details regarding my skills, experience, and qualifications. I would love to discuss how I can make a positive contribution to your salon in greater detail. Please feel free to contact me on [Contact Number] or at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.
[Your Name]

How to Write a Hair Stylist Cover Letter:

1. Address your letter to a specific person.

When applying for a hair stylist position, do some research and find the name of the hiring manager or recruiter and address your letter directly to that person. Acceptable forms of address include "Mr." or "Ms." followed by the person's last name, or full name.

2. Briefly introduce your purpose for writing.

Start your introduction with a brief introduction of what position you are applying for and where you saw the job advertisement. Also, try to include an intriguing hook to grab the recruiter's attention.

3. Emphasize specific hair care techniques that you excel at.

In the second paragraph of your letter, emphasize any hair care techniques or styling specialties that you have, and explain how you mastered them. Reference your resume, as well as your work history, but don't repeat the information that can be found there.

4. Show your customer service and sales abilities.

Hair products are often a strong source of revenue for hair salons, so flaunt any ability to increase sales in your cover letter. Again, use examples from your resume to demonstrate your sales ability. Including some statistics of your sales achievements will also help your cover letter to stand out from the competition.

5. Show your creativity but keep to the point.

As a hair stylist, you should have strong creative skills. The rules for hair stylist cover letters are not very strict, so jazz it up a bit and show your creativity while you are writing. However, try to keep your cover letter to the point without flowery embellishments.

6. Include a call to action.

In your last paragraph, sum up your qualifications and why you think you'd be a good fit for the hair stylist position. A nice touch would be to demonstrate your knowledge of the salon itself and why you think you'd be an asset to their business. Then, invite the recruiter to contact you via email or phone.

7. Thank the recruiter.

Sign off your letter by thanking the recruiter for their time. Include an appropriate sign off, such as "sincerely," and end with your full name.


What should I include in my hair stylist cover letter?

When writing a cover letter for a hair stylist position, you should emphasize any hair care techniques or styling specialties that you have, and explain how you mastered them. You should also show your motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for the work while playing up your qualifications and customer service and sales abilities.

What should I write in my cover letter for an entry-level hair stylist position?

If you do not have work experience as a hair stylist, you should play up your qualifications, any techniques you are particularly skilled in, and how you mastered those skills in your cover letter.