Grip Interview Questions

Grip Interview Questions

October 15th, 2019

Grips work in the television and film industry building sets and constructing camera mountings. They report to the Key Grip or Dolly Grip and are responsible for painting and constructing sets. They also assemble and set up camera rigging including dollies, tracks, cranes, and jibs.

When interviewing Grips, suitable candidates will have in-depth knowledge of filming techniques and set design, excellent carpentry skills, and the strength to lift and manipulate heavy equipment. Be wary of candidates who are not comfortable working at heights and those who display poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Grips:

1. Why did you want to work as a Grip in the film or television industry?

Reveals the candidate’s character and inherent skills.

2. What information is required when designing a set backdrop?

Demonstrates the candidate’s communication and design skills.

3. Why do you think it is important to understand lighting concepts when setting up camera rigging?

Reveals a deeper knowledge of cinematography and shot design.

4. What safety checks should be conducted on rigging equipment before use?

Reveals knowledge of industry rigging procedures.

5. What was the most complex set you designed and built in your previous work?

Reveals previous work experience and highlights relevant skills.

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