Gerontologist Job Description

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September 20th, 2019

Gerontologists possess expertise in human aging, which they seek to maintain by conducting desktop and practical research. Gerontologists may use insights obtained to inform practices surrounding care for elderly folk.

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Gerontologist Job Description Template

We are looking for a thoughtful Gerontologist to bolster existing understandings about the nature of human aging. The Gerontologist should produce aging-related knowledge, craft and deploy practical interventions, and issue practical aid to individuals who care for elderly folk. In this manner, you should situate yourself as a trailblazer within the field.

To ensure success as a Gerontologist, you should perceive societal and other contextual influences on elders' experiences. A superb Gerontologist will shape prevailing standards of care using solid evidence.

Gerontologist Responsibilities:

  • Continuously learning about developments in your chosen subspecialty.
  • Investigating and writing about aging across contexts.
  • Working with other researchers and healthcare specialists to further comprehend aging-related trajectories.
  • Devising evidence-based procedures that can be used by pertinent theorists and practitioners.
  • Visiting and building capacity in other experts and caregivers to enhance the effectiveness of care for elderly individuals.
  • Consulting on psychosocial, housing, accessibility, and related needs of the elderly.
  • Utilizing legal resources, state facilities, and similar options to bolster the uptake of high-quality care.
  • Combating stigma and fostering collaborative care to enhance the wellness of elderly individuals.

Gerontologist Requirements:

  • Degree in Gerontology, Psychology, Neuroscience, or similar.
  • Advanced qualification in Gerontology.
  • Knowledge of and existing contributions to gerontological evidence.
  • Polished and relevant research techniques.
  • Demonstrable expertise in caregiver training.
  • Commendable interpersonal and supervision abilities.
  • Ability to connect carers with useful resources.
  • Driven to boost the quality and availability of geriatric services.

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