Geriatric Physician Interview Questions

Geriatric Physician Interview Questions

September 30th, 2019

Geriatric Physicians review and treat maladies that afflict elderly individuals. Geriatric Physicians may work with additional consulting specialists to deliver holistic, relevant interventions.

When interviewing Geriatric Physicians, terrific candidates should be steadily observant, exhibiting conviction in their diagnoses. Be dubious of chronically ambivalent candidates who lack updated medical expertise.

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Interview Questions for Geriatric Physicians:

1. Which maladies commonly appear among geriatric people?

Reveals aging-related medical expertise.

2. What might recurrent enuresis indicate?

Unveils diagnostic skills, which comprise the ability to pose medically-informed questions.

3. How would you serve a patient who detested assistive devices?

Inspects perspective-taking abilities plus knowledge about alternate, helpful techniques.

4. Which cognitive efforts elevate mental agility?

Assesses knowledge about tasks geared at countering amenable cognitive declines.

5. Which local services would you likely direct your elderly patients to?

Examines engagement with regional auxiliary services.

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