Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor Interview Questions

October 25th, 2019

Genetic Counselors uncover current and predictable biologically-based anomalies by performing suitable testing.

When interviewing Genetic Counselors, promising candidates should exhibit refined laboratory and instructional capacities. Avoid undiscerning applicants who cannot respect patients' volition.

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Interview Questions for Genetic Counselors:

1. Can you outline the gold-standard genetic tests for mental abnormalities?

Demonstrates knowledge about pertinent tools.

2. How would you deduce susceptibility to schizophrenia?

Reviews history-taking and genetic assessment abilities.

3. What helps to ground patients when delivering unfavorable findings?

Discerns counseling techniques.

4. How would you steer patients' medical decision-making?

Unveils the propensity to provide sage but non-intrusive counsel.

5. Which physicians have you frequently worked with?

Highlights exposure to multidisciplinary contexts.

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