General Counsel Interview Questions

General Counsel

May 16th, 2019

General Counsels are chief lawyers for companies and government departments. Preferred candidates will be highly motivated, be proficient multitaskers and have excellent negotiation skills. Avoid undiplomatic, careless candidates.

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General Counsel Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience where you sought outside counsel?

The prospective hire's answer will demonstrate their ability to collaborate with others to get the best legal solutions for your company.

2. Would we be invincible with you on our team?

Listen carefully for the candidate to display confidence, but not hubris. The latter is a precipitous quality for a General Counsel.

3. Could you give me examples where you gave prudent advice regarding taking legal action or defending a matter in your previous position?

The potential hire's answer will shed light on their ability to give sound advice.

4. How would you guide us to move beyond thinking we are doing well—from a legal point of view—based on our compliance with relevant laws and regulations?

This question could get the candidate to show their understanding of the difference between laws and ethics.

5. Would you make decisions that overrule our CEO if need be, and why?

The candidate's answer will display their ability to make prudent decisions.

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