Fundraiser Interview Questions

Fundraiser Interview Questions

October 16th, 2019

Fundraisers organize events and marketing to raise funds and material resources for organizations. Fundraisers promote the organizations' goals and build relationships with donors.

When interviewing Fundraisers, the preferred candidate should have exceptional interpersonal skills and be detail-oriented. Avoid candidates with poor public speaking skills and unrefined social media aptitude.

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Interview Questions for Fundraisers:

1. How would you handle rejection?

Demonstrates the ability to turn failure into success.

2. What has been your most challenging yet successful campaign thus far?

Exhibits industry knowledge and experience with running successful campaigns.

3. How comfortable are you with asking people for money?

Expresses confidence and the ability to use creative ways to generate donations.

4. What is your leadership style?

Highlights leadership qualities and teamwork skills.

5. What type of fundraising ideas would you recommend for this organization?

Demonstrates creativity plus knowledge of the organization and its objectives.

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