Forensic Science Technician Interview Questions

Forensic Science Technician Interview Questions

March 10th, 2020

Forensic Science Technicians analyse biological and non-biological evidence from crime scenes. They contribute to criminal investigations in the field, work in laboratories, and are required to testify in court.

When interviewing Forensic Science Technicians, superb candidates will exhibit sound knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry, and will be familiar with DNA analysis, blood-spatter patterns, and ballistic testing. Avoid candidates who lack the emotional fortitude to deal with the distressing nature of the job.

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Interview Questions for Forensic Science Technicians:

1. Which skills and experience make you a good candidate for this job?

Reveals suitability for the job, and any possible misconceptions held about the nature of the job.

2. Which information from active cases would you share with the public?

Evaluates professional and ethical standards, since strict confidentiality is required.

3. Which particles do you expect to find in gunshot residue?

Demonstrates ballistic experience.

4. Can you name the difference between nuclei found in human and non-mammalian blood?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of serology.

5. Can you tell me how you would deal with the distressing nature of the job?

Shows awareness of the need for a pro-active approach toward dealing with the emotional demands of the job.

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