Financial Counselor Interview Questions

Financial Counselor

May 16th, 2019

Financial Counselors are found in hospitals where they assess patients’ ability to pay, provide them with cost estimates, and guide them throughout the financial process. Top applicants are organized, and have outstanding people and communication skills. Avoid sullen, disorganized candidates.

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Financial Counselor Interview Questions

1. Are you a patient person, and why would you say so?

Financial Counselors interview patients to establish their ability to pay prior to admission. As patients are focused on getting treatment—and are less concerned with other factors—the candidate needs to display this ability.

2. Where did you demonstrate the ability in previous positions to proficiently explain to patients they can't afford particular services?

Listen for the applicant to demonstrate diplomacy and tact.

3. Do you have the ability to do research and gather information swiftly?

To be effective in this position, a Financial Counselor needs the ability to gather necessary information swiftly, to optimize admission and referral of patients.

4. Could you give examples from past experience where you demonstrated the ability to be customer-oriented?

A Financial Counselor needs outstanding customer skills to ensure patients get the highest level of financial services and advice.

5. Are you skilled with calculating costs in a fast-paced environment, and why?

The applicant needs this ability to function effectively as a Financial Counselor.

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