Event Promoter Interview Questions

Event Planner Interview Questions

August 16th, 2019

Event Promoters spread information and generate interest in meetings, with the express intention of boosting sales. Event Promoters often achieve this aim through the use of social media and face-to-face contact.

When interviewing Event Promoters, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent negotiation tactics and the capacity to upsell. Be wary of candidates who seem disingenuous, sluggish, and tardy when performing their duties.

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Interview Questions for Event Promoters:

1. Which channels are most effective for spreading awareness about events?

Highlights technical knowledge and prior experience.

2. How would you encourage people to attend an event if a big sports match was scheduled for the same day?

Assesses creativity and sales skills.

3. How would you convince an attendee to upgrade their ticket?

Tests interpersonal and negotiation abilities.

4. What do you do to match the tone of exuberant customers?

Reveals energy and adaptability.

5. How would you manage your responsibilities along with your other commitments?

Demonstrates organizational and time management skills.

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