Promoter Interview Questions

Promoter Interview Questions

May 23rd, 2019

Promoters are responsible for generating interest around various products or services by providing demonstrations and/or undertaking other marketing efforts in order to convince potential customers to buy a product or service.

When interviewing Promoters look for candidates that have the ability to persuade customers to make a purchase. Be wary of candidates that do not have a track record of successful promotions and display poor communication and presentation skills.

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Interview Questions for Promoters:

1. How do you attract a customer’s attention at an event?

Shows the ability to attract customers when manning a stand at an event.

2. What techniques do you employ when presenting or demonstrating a product or service to a customer?

Tests selling, marketing, and presentation skills.

3. How do you record customers’ reactions and/or questions at an event? Why do you think this is important?

Tests ability to report on customer interactions at an event.

4. Which interactive materials have you used in the past to share information about a product or service?

Illustrates the ability to use various modes of communication to present a product or service.

5. Describe a time when you had to answer a particularly complex question in front of an audience. Did you communicate the answer effectively? If not, how could you improve this skill in the future?

Tests communication and interpersonal skills.

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