Engagement Manager Interview Questions

Engagement Manager Interview Questions

July 13th, 2020

Engagement Managers work closely with sales and marketing teams to foster positive client relationships. They ensure clients have access to company services, receive the benefits stipulated in their contract, and systematically improve the functions of a company's client relationship structure.

When interviewing candidates, look out for those who demonstrate outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, as the key duties entail communicating with clients. Be wary of candidates that don't have a background in customer service and/or sales.

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Engagement Manager Interview Questions:

1. What are your methods for building positive relationships with customers?

Highlights candidates' ability to build lasting customer relationships.

2. How would you define your management style?

Reveals candidates' management experience and how it complements the employer's management style.

3. Which CRM software do you prefer, and why?

Shows candidates' knowledge of CRM software and their ability to adapt to new programs.

4. How would you improve our current customer relationship structure?

Tests candidates' preparedness and knowledge of customer relationship building.

5. A client has a service delivery issue. How do you go about resolving it?

Tests candidates' problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

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