Driving Instructor Interview Questions

Driving Instructor Interview Questions

August 22nd, 2019

Driving Instructors help students to develop their driving abilities while teaching them about road rules. Many Driving Instructors work for licensed training centers, though some provide lessons in an individual capacity.

When Interviewing Driving Instructors, the ideal candidate will demonstrate outstanding communication skills and the ability to keep students calm. Be wary of candidates who lack patience, confidence, and initiative.

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Driving Instructor Interview Questions:

1. How would you communicate with students during driving lessons?

Assesses communication skills.

2. How would you calm a student in distress?

Tests interpersonal skills.

3. Where and when do you prefer to hold lessons?

Shows preferred working conditions and technical skills.

4. Which strategies are most effective for teaching underperforming students?

Highlights patience and technical abilities.

5. How many of your students passed the driver's test on their first attempt?

Reveals industry experience.

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