Director of Administration Interview Questions

Director Of Administration Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Directors of Operations or Operations and Administration Directors, Directors of Administration are tasked with coordinating operational functions, supervising managers, monitoring organizational goals, improving business performance, overseeing management of business assets, and preparing financial reports.

The ideal candidate will exhibit strong leadership qualities, expert communication and interpersonal skills, and a broad knowledge of different business functions. Be cautious of candidates that demonstrate a poor understanding of business models, can’t communicate clearly, and are disorganized.

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Director of Administration Interview Questions

1. What techniques do you use to resolve employee conflict?

Look for candidates that demonstrate effective conflict resolution techniques, diplomacy, and tact. Candidates should also demonstrate problem-solving abilities.

2. How would you convince senior executives to accept strategies or business advice you are sure will work but they are not comfortable with?

Look for candidates that demonstrate good communication, persuasion, and motivational skills.

3. What are the best ways to monitor employee performance?

Look for candidates that highlight the correct employee performance and appraisal mechanisms.

4. What is the key to drafting and working with a successful budget?

Look for candidates that demonstrate a talent for numbers and can prioritize business activities.

5. In your experience, what is the key to assembling a good and productive team?

Look for candidates that highlight good team selection techniques. Candidates should also demonstrate that strong teams are built around individuals with skills and traits that complement those of other team members.

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