Customer Success Manager Interview Questions

Customer Success Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Customer Experience Managers or Customer Advocates, Customer Success Managers ensure that customers maximize product use, update customers on product upgrades, manage and inspire product loyalty.

When interviewing for the role of a Customer Success Manager the ideal candidate will exhibit outstanding interpersonal skills, passion and drive, and a strong interest in customer value. Be wary of candidates who can’t articulate clearly, dress poorly, or lack confidence.

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Interview Questions for Customer Success Manager

1. Can you please explain our product and upsell it to me?

Look for candidates that minimize use of technical terms, ask you about your business needs, mention specific product features, and try to close.

2. What software have you used and how fast do you learn new software?

Look for candidates that have used a wide range of software and demonstrate a knack for learning new technology. Also, listen to how they talk about old and new technology.

3. How do you measure improvement and success in customer service?

Look for candidates that focus on asking questions and incorporate various forms of communication infrastructure.

4. How do you handle a difficult client?

Look for candidates that demonstrate commendable interpersonal skills, use measured tones, and affirm the client.

5. What are the best techniques for minimizing churn?

Look for candidates that prefer a proactive approach to churn, and demonstrate reasonable negotiation skills and strategies.

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