Contract Administrator Interview Questions

Contract Administrator

February 24th, 2020

A Contract Administrator drafts, analyzes, negotiates and revises a company's contracts. Ideal candidates are responsible, meticulous and have strong problem-solving skills. Avoid careless, vague candidates.

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Contract Administrator Interview Questions

1. Are you proficient with detecting errors and inconsistencies, and why would you say so?

Listen carefully. The potential hire needs to show this ability, which is essential in being a Contract Administrator.

2. Could you give me examples from past experience that demonstrate your negotiation skills?

The potential hire's answer will display their negotiation skills and approach.

3. How do you work through large volumes of information?

The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to extract pertinent information from large volumes of information.

4. Have you dealt with stalemate in past experience, and how did you overcome this challenge?

Listen carefully. The candidate's answer will further illuminate their negotiation capabilities.

5. Could you give me examples from past experience where you selected accurate information from conflicting sources?

The candidate needs to display the ability to obtain accurate information from diverse and conflicting sources.

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