Company Travel Policy

Company Travel Policy Overview & Sample Template

Company Travel Policy

August 17th, 2020

A company travel policy is designed to outline a business's travel arrangement procedures and guidelines, stipulating which travel expenses are paid for by the company and how to manage the reimbursement process. A company travel policy should include a purpose statement, scope, authorization and reimbursement section, and travel arrangement processes.

Creating a detailed company travel policy will help ensure all business trips run smoothly, are secured ahead of time, and adhere to all company requirements.

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Company Travel Policy Template:


When employees travel for company-related purposes, it is [company name's] responsibility to provide safe and reliable travel arrangements. This company travel policy serves to clarify the conditions and parameters of a company-paid trip.


The purpose of this company travel policy is to (a) outline the authorization and reimbursement process for travel arrangements and expenses; (b) list the company-paid travel expenses; and (c) establish protocols that oversee the travel arrangement process.


This company travel policy is applicable to all employees under contract at [company name], including paid interns, contractors, as well as seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees. [Company name] sees traveling out of the city, state, and/or country as a fully-paid business trip, as well as one-day trips that are [number of hours] hours away from the office.

Authorization and Reimbursements.

All company travel arrangements must be authorized by senior employees at least [number of weeks/months] before the expected travel date, depending on the circumstances and the required travel arrangement time period. Employees are not permitted to authorize their own travel arrangements.

Employees are expected to submit a Travel Expense Report at least [number of days/weeks] after the first business day back at work. On the Travel Expense Report, employees must include all company-paid expenses and personal expenses. The finance department is responsible for examining the Travel Expense Report and finalizing reimbursement payments.

Travel Arrangement:

All travel arrangements must be reserved at least [number of weeks] weeks before the travel date. The finance department is responsible for the booking and payment of all transportation, accommodation, and travel-related expenses.

Travel Expenses.

[Company name] employees are entitled to a company-paid travel ticket for any means of transportation the employee(s) require, including a [type of class] return plane, boat, train, and/or coach ticket, [number of meals] meals, and [number of luggage] luggage. While traveling, employees will be able to use a company-paid taxi service from and to the airport, hotel, and business location. If an employee wishes to travel for personal reasons, they will be financially responsible for the travel fare.


[Company name] employees are permitted to stay in a [number of stars][type of accommodation] while traveling for company purposes. The finance manager is responsible for securing the [type of accommodation] room and paying for an employee's stay.

Other Expenses.

[Company employees] will be reimbursed for [number of meals] lunch(s) and [number of meals] dinner(s) for a maximum of [$/meal amount] per meal. If an employee is hosting a client of [company name], the entire meal will be reimbursed. In addition, if an employee requires a meeting, boardroom, or conference room while traveling, [company name] will book the room and make payment.

Personal Travel.

[Company name] will not be financially responsible for any personal expenses and travel arrangements. If an employee chooses to travel with a partner, [company name] is not responsible for their partner's accommodation, leisure, and/or travel expenses. An employee is required to submit this information on the Travel Expense Report and produce payslips for their expenses only.

International Travel.

If employees are required to travel out of the country for business, [company name] is financially responsible for all travel arrangements, including accommodation, transportation, visas, travel insurance, and medical expenses. International business trips must be authorized at least [number of months] months before the expected travel date. The finance department is required to submit a Travel Expense Report before and after the trip. Both reports must be signed off by at least two senior officials before and after the trip.

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What is corporate travel policy?

A corporate travel policy is a formal document that details the procedures and rules of business-related trips. The policy mainly focuses on the arrangements, expenses, and authorization processes.

How do you write a travel expense policy?

Use our free, customizable company travel policy template in Word format.

What is a travel and expense policy?

A travel and expense policy is an alternative name for a company travel policy, which outlines the travel arrangements and expenses required on a company-paid business trip.