CNC Operator Interview Questions

Cnc Operator Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Computer Numerically Controlled Operators, also known as CNC Programmers or CNC Machinists, program machines to create parts and products. CNC Operators should use their skills to meet client expectations. Avoid candidates who are uncommunicative or unconcerned with details.

CNC Operator Interview Questions

1. How do you ensure your machines are properly maintained? Describe the process.

Shows ability to perform routine tests.

2. Tell about a time when you discovered a problem with a design. How did you fix it?

Demonstrates attention to detail.

3. As you’re designing a custom part for a demanding client, you discover a problem. How do you explain it?

Tests ability to communicate.

4. Explain your most involved project and how you handled it.

Provides insight into past experience.

5. Describe how you’ve used your skills with mathematics, computers, or machines to resolve a problem.

Shows technical ability.

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