Clinical Technician Interview Questions

Clinical Technician

May 16th, 2019

Clinical Technicians collect and analyze bodily fluids and cells to perform a variety of tests. Ideal candidates are detail-oriented, organized and patient. Avoid clumsy, disorganized candidates.

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Clinical Technician Interview Questions

1. How have you ensured obtaining suitable specimens in past experience?

The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to obtain suitable specimens to avoid clients the inconvenience of resubmitting specimens.

2. How did you deal with misplaced specimens in previous positions?

The candidate's answer will show their ability to deal with work-related challenges.

3. Who was the most challenging person you worked with in your previous position, and how did you deal with the person?

The potential hire’s answer will show their ability to work together with laboratory team members.

4. Are you detail-oriented, and why would you say so?

The potential hire’s answer will display their ability to pay attention to detail.

5. Which improvements did you implement in previous positions?

Listen carefully. The potential hire’s answer will demonstrate their value to your company.

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