Cinematographer Interview Questions

Cinematographer Interview Questions

October 12th, 2019

Sometimes called Directors of Photography, Cinematographers are employed in film and TV to create on-screen visual effects. They typically analyze screenplays to decide on appropriate lighting, camera angles, framing, and filters that add depth and richness to the overall production. Cinematographers also work with the post-production team.

When interviewing Cinematographers, the best candidates will have theoretical knowledge of film and practical camera skills. Be wary of those who display poor hand-eye coordination and struggle to collaborate with others.

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Interview Questions for Cinematographers:

1. How would you go about setting the scene for the opening of a love story?

Tests knowledge of visual effects, as well as planning and organizational skills.

2. Can you describe a time when someone disagreed with your artistic vision?

Demonstrates communication skills and the ability to remain professional in difficult situations.

3. What is the most advanced skill you have acquired as a Cinematographer?

Reveals skill level, experience, and also highlights potentially weak areas.

4. What is the most rewarding production you have worked on so far?

Reveals more about the candidate’s interests, passions, as well as their strengths.

5. How do you cope with being away from home for extended periods?

Reveals the candidate’s coping strategies, mental strength, as well as their overall suitability for the position.

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