Childcare Teacher Interview Questions

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July 10th, 2019

Also known as daycare teachers, Childcare Teachers are typically employed by childcare facilities and centers to provide for the basic needs of children while parents are at work. They take care of all development, nutritional, health and educational needs of children under their care.

When interviewing Childcare Teachers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate a caring personality, enthusiasm, and a passion for engaging with children. Be wary of candidates who have poor communication skills and lack patience.

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Interview Questions for Childcare Teachers:

1. Why do you enjoy working with children?

Demonstrates the candidate’s passion for childcare.

2. How do you convince new parents that their child is in good hands?

Demonstrates the candidate’s customer service skills and experience.

3. How do you deal with children that refuse to listen?

Tests the candidate’s patience and problem-solving skills.

4. How do you deal with fighting amongst children?

Demonstrates the candidate’s conflict resolution skills and experience.

5. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of childcare?

Demonstrates the candidate’s experience and understanding of childhood development.

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