Chef de Partie Interview Questions

Chef de Partie Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

The Chef de Partie, or Line Cook, is responsible for a specific part of meal preparation, such as preparing meat or vegetables, frying or grilling food, or baking desserts.

When interviewing Chef de Partie candidates, look for individuals who have proven experience working well in a team. Be wary of candidates with poor listening skills, as any failure to carefully follow instructions in the kitchen could spell disaster for your restaurant.

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Interview Questions for Chefs de Partie:

1. What's been your favorite thing to do in the kitchen?

Look for candidates who are passionate about the roles they play in the kitchen. This question will also give you an idea of which station in the kitchen might best suit the candidate's talents and aptitudes.

2. How would you react to a head chef's instruction if you believed it was incorrect?

Good candidates should trust that the head chef knows best, and follow their instructions. There is room, however, to respectfully bring up misgivings, provided this does not disrupt service.

3. How do you keep your workspace organized and sanitary?

The ideal candidate will have great organizational skills, and a thorough understanding of best practices for health and safety in the kitchen.

4. Can you tell us about a time in the kitchen when you've been under the most pressure?

Look for candidates who can successfully handle pressure, who remain level-headed and focused when service gets frenetic.

5. What do you think are essential qualities for successful teamwork in the kitchen?

You want a Chef de Partie who knows what it takes for a team of kitchen staff to work effectively together. They might mention qualities such as excellent communication, good leadership and direction from the top, trust in each member of the team, and so on.

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