Chauffeur Interview Questions

Chauffeur Interview Questions

July 31st, 2019

Chauffeurs are responsible for driving clients from one location to the next. Also known as Personal Drivers, these individuals usually work for companies, but may also be self-employed.

When interviewing Chauffeurs, the most suitable candidate will possess excellent time management skills and a clean driving record. Be wary of candidates who lack professionalism, courtesy, and a clean driving record.

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Chauffeur Interview Questions:

1. Can you discuss the most difficult conditions under which you have driven?

Highlights pertinent experience, including the ability to remain safe while driving.

2. How would you monitor traffic along your routes?

Tests familiarity with GPS software and traffic reports.

3. What would you do to ensure that journeys remained enjoyable for your clients?

Demonstrates interpersonal skills and attention to detail.

4. How familiar are you with the area in which you will be working?

Indicates the efficiency with which the candidate will likely operate.

5. How would you ensure that clients arrived at their destinations on time?

Assesses time management and problem-solving skills.

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