CDL Driver Interview Questions

CDL Driver Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2019

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Drivers wield heavy vehicles, which they often use to deliver stock to local or regional areas. CDL Drivers are responsible for ensuring that the contents of each delivery arrive safely.

When interviewing CDL Drivers, the most suitable candidate should display outstanding planning abilities, plus the capacity to remain alert for long stretches of time. Avoid candidates who seem unperturbed by damages to stock.

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Interview Questions for CDL Drivers:

1. Which preparations would you make ahead of a long drive?

Highlights the ability to forecast all job-related and personal needs.

2. How frequently would you rest during long trips?

Reveals the capacity to create time for sufficient sleep without sacrificing duties.

3. What would you do during an attempted hijacking?

Tests problem-solving skills, including the ability to keep oneself, the vehicle, and all products safe.

4. How would you communicate delays without cell phone coverage?

Demonstrates accountability and interpersonal skills.

5. Are you unable to work during any parts of the year?

Examines the capacity to perform all duties.

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