Carer Interview Questions

Radiation Oncologist Interview Questions

September 30th, 2019

Carers perform routine home-based and adjacent activities that support the functioning of sickly, frail, or older folk. Carers work in various settings including elderly homes, hospices, and private residences.

When interviewing Carers, preferred candidates will be patient and knowledgeable about suitable care for vulnerable individuals. Avoid tardy and unresourceful individuals.

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Interview Questions for Carers:

1. Can you describe your experience of installing assistive devices?

Provides insight into important technical skills.

2. How would you assist a frail resident who had endured a bad fall?

Reveals considerations such as movement-related risks plus decisiveness.

3. What would you do if a resident kept refusing to eat?

Evaluates sensitivity to potential health-related difficulties and bargaining tactics.

4. Why are sickly individuals susceptible to mental health maladies?

Demonstrates knowledge about the sequelae of physical difficulties.

5. Which measures would you employ to avoid emotional fatigue?

Evaluates self-care techniques.

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