Cardiothoracic Surgeon Job Description

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Job Description

September 25th, 2019

A Cardiothoracic Surgeon is a doctor that performs surgical procedures inside the chest (thorax). Cardiothoracic Surgeons work with the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other chest regions.

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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Job Description Template

We are looking for a seasoned Cardiothoracic Surgeon to perform surgical procedures on patients in the thorax region. The responsibilities of Cardiothoracic Surgeons include determining diagnoses, treating diseases, and performing surgical procedures.

To be successful as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, you should have a passion for cardiothoracic surgery, excellent research skills, and the ability to manage stress well. Ultimately, a top-class Cardiothoracic Surgeon should think in a logical and methodical manner, demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, and be willing to work long and irregular hours.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Responsibilities:

  • Determining the method of surgical procedures.
  • Conducting medical management.
  • Specializing in diagnoses.
  • Reviewing patient history to determine treatment.
  • Charting in compliance with the law and regulations.
  • Identifying tests and the need for follow-up visits.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Requirements:

  • Doctorate in Medicine.
  • Extensive and stable work history as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.
  • License to practice.
  • The ability to perform under pressure.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Patience.

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