Car Detailer Job Description

Car Detailer Job Description

May 16th, 2019

Car Detailers provide automotive interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or client specifications. They handle everything from a simple wash and vacuum to more intensive cleaning jobs, including hand washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying waxes, polishes, or protective agents to cars.

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Car Detailer Job Description Template

We are looking for a thorough, responsible Car Detailer who will adhere to provide quality automotive cleaning services to our customers. The Car Detailer will clean vehicles according to company standards or client specifications, which may include performing detail inspections, thoroughly washing, buffing, and waxing exteriors, vacuuming, steaming, and deodorizing interiors, and keeping records related to gas levels and the condition of the vehicle. You should possess strong customer service skills and be familiar with the tools and agents used to clean and maintain vehicles.

To be a successful Car Detailer, you should be committed to providing excellent service to customers. You should be courteous, responsible, and detail-oriented.

Car Detailer Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors in compliance with all company standards and client requests.
  • Operating buffers, steamers, hoses, vacuums, and other equipment to meet service expectations.
  • Using cleaning, protective, and restorative agents to maintain and enhance the appearance of vehicles.
  • Performing inspections and keeping complete, accurate records of the vehicle’s condition.
  • Moving and parking vehicles, delivering vehicles to correct locations or picking owners or drivers up if needed.
  • Managing inventory and reordering supplies.
  • Responding to client inquiries and fulfilling their requests.

Car Detailer Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent and a valid state driver’s license with good driving record.
  • Successful completion of automotive service tech or other training programs.
  • Prior detailing experience may be preferred.
  • Attention to detail with excellent customer service, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the position, including walking, crouching, bending, and standing for extended periods.
  • Willingness to comply with all company policies and uphold standards for service quality.
  • Availability to work weekends and holidays.

Car Detailer FAQ:

What is car detailing?

Car detailers clean automotive interiors and exteriors. They provide a variety of cleaning services which range from a basic wash to an intensive cleaning job. Feel free to add information about the car detailer duties at your business to our car detailing description to create a descriptive job listing and begin the search for your next employee.

What are some other car wash position titles?

The job title of a car detailer may vary between businesses. Listings for car detailers may also be found under automotive detailer, car washers, and cleaning technician. Try using a few of these job titles in your vehicle detailer job description to make it easier for applicants to find your listing.

Can I customize the auto detailer job description?

When you advertise a car detailer job, you should include details about the car detailer duties and expectations at your company. Provide information about your desired skills, qualities, and qualifications. Feel free to add to or edit our automotive detailer job description to get the advertisement you want.

Do you have sample interview questions for a car detailer?

We have interview questions to go with all of our job descriptions.

After you have created an auto detailer job description that works for you, take a look at our car detailer interview questions.

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