Call Center Customer Services Representative Interview Questions

Call Center Customer Service Representative

May 16th, 2019

Call Center Customer Service Representatives are expected to be the face and voice of your organization. They are expected to remain calm and professional when helping customers.

When interviewing a Call Center Customer Service Representative, look for someone with exceptional listening skills, who communicates clearly and articulately and who is passionate about customer satisfaction. Be wary of candidates who get flustered easily or fail to fully understand your questions.

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Interview Questions for Call Center Customer Service Representative:

1. An irate client calls in complaining about a product or service our company has provided. With a step by step explanation, how would you assist this client?

Look for a response that shows the candidate taking immediate responsibility for the call. You want to hear a clear apology, effective questioning and a specific resolution process, ideally with a clear time frame.

2. An irate client calls in complaining about a product or service our company has provided. However, upon questioning, it is clear that the customer is at fault, and not the company. How would you resolve this matter?

This is something that often happens in customer service call centers. The candidate should ensure that they do not accuse or chastise the customer for this error. Here, the tone of what is said is just as important as the content. Look for empathy and perhaps even professional humor in their response.

3. An irate client calls in complaining about a product or service our company has provided. Upon investigation, you are able to identify which of your colleagues is at fault for this client's complaint. How would you deal with it?

You are looking for the candidate to take ownership of the call, even though they were not the one responsible for the issue. Additionally, you'd like your candidate to mention bringing this incident to the attention of the offending colleague to help them improve once they have resolved the query. You want a candidate who is not looking for someone to blame, but who takes ownership of the query and protects the company's reputation.

4. Describe a situation in which you successfully handled an extremely irate customer. How did you fix their problem?

You are looking at their interpersonal skills. Also, look for how effectively they communicate and explain this event to you as a sign of how they will explain matters to customers.

5. You have targets to achieve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. How would you deal with not reaching your targets?

You are looking for a candidate who sees the importance in measurable performance and a candidate willing to work extra hours to meet the minimum requirements of this role.

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