Butcher Interview Questions

Butcher Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Butchers take larger wholesale sections of meat and break them down into smaller portions and package them to be sold. Successful candidates will be good with hand tools and courteous. Avoid candidates who lack customer service or time management skills.

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Interview Questions for Butchers

1. What would you do to improve our current displays?

Proves candidates is observant and creative.

2. Describe some of the cuts you can get from a cow and how to prepare them for retail.

Demonstrates technical skills.

3. If you had a line on a busy day, how would you ensure customers were satisfied with service?

Shows task management skills.

4. What is your favorite meat dish. How would you explain how to prepare it to a customer who had never done so? What other tips might you provide?

Demonstrates job knowledge.

5. What tasks do you expect to perform as a butcher?

Reveals job expectations.

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