Business Intelligence Analyst Interview Questions

August 15th, 2020

Business Intelligence Analysts, or BI Analysts, gather and analyze data from a company and its industry in order to create solutions that improve the company's effectiveness and market share.

When interviewing potential Business Intelligence Analysts, look for candidates who are passionate about data-driven solutions. Be wary of candidates who don't work well in a team, as collaboration is vital for this role.

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Interview Questions for Business Analysts:

1. Which programming languages are you familiar with?

Tests the candidate's programming knowledge.

2. Can you tell us about an innovative solution you've developed for a business?

Tests the candidate's ability to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

3. Can you share the most interesting thing that your past data analysis has revealed?

Tests the candidate's passion for data, and their ability to communicate findings effectively.

4. How do you go about determining what the company's goals are?

Tests the candidate's methods of goal-setting and collaboration.

5. How do you see data gathering and analysis evolving in the next few years?

Tests the candidate's ability to think ahead and keep up with industry trends.

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