Business Development Executive Interview Questions

Business Development Executive Interview Questions

August 8th, 2019

Business Development Executives draw in revenue by researching and securing new customers, as well as upselling. Business Development Executives have extensive sales experience, which they may impart to their team to further encourage profitability.

When interviewing Business Development Executives, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate outstanding negotiating, interpersonal, and communication skills. Be wary of candidates who exhibit dubious morals and poor organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Business Development Executives:

1. What has been your greatest success as a Business Development Executive?

Highlights work experience and expertise.

2. Besides the usual avenues, where would you source potential clients?

Assesses research skills and creativity.

3. How would you persuade a prospective client who was on the fence about your offer?

Tests analytical, interpersonal, and negotiation skills.

4. How would you develop a business proposal for a layperson?

Demonstrates research and written communication skills.

5. What would you do to motivate coworkers who were performing poorly?

Assesses problem-solving, communication, and mentorship skills.

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