Business Development Consultant Interview Questions

Business Development Consultant Interview Questions

September 5th, 2019

Business Development Consultants analyze company operations to detect procedures that impede the actualization of stated goals. Business Development Consultants subsequently devise measures aimed at removing such obstructions and work towards securing additional opportunities.

When interviewing Business Development Consultants, preferred candidates should demonstrate the ability to thrive under pressure. Avoid uncommunicative candidates who insist on working in isolation.

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Interview Questions for Business Development Consultants:

1. Can you describe a time you saved a company that risked bankruptcy?

Illustrates pertinent industry experience.

2. When can a company not be salvaged?

Highlights expertise, including analytical skills and insight.

3. Which of your business strategies did not succeed?

Tests insight, honesty, and capacity for growth.

4. Which metrics are most suitable when evaluating the effectiveness of business plans?

Examines familiarity with appropriate evaluation indices.

5. How would you secure staff members' buy-in?

Assesses the ability to promote visualization and ownership.

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