Behavior Analyst Interview Questions

Behavior Analyst Interview Questions

August 15th, 2019

Behavior Analysts detect and remedy difficulties in clients who exhibit interpersonal and behavioral difficulties. These professionals may practice independently, though many operate as part of specialized or interdisciplinary teams.

When interviewing Behavior Analysts, the most suitable candidate will be empathic and perceptive, exhibiting a thorough understanding of the factors which influence developmental trajectories. Be wary of candidates who lack maturity, communication skills, and the capacity to uphold confidentiality.

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Interview Questions for Behavior Analysts:

1. Can you discuss the most remarkable progress you have witnessed in therapy?

Reveals the capacity to promote behavioral change.

2. At what point would you turn a patient away?

Highlights personal values and an awareness of boundaries.

3. How would you toe the line between updating families and maintaining patient confidentiality?

Assesses discretion and trustworthiness.

4. How would you store patients' data?

Demonstrates the capacity to ensure that information remains safe and accessible to oneself.

5. Which key principles guide your personal life?

Tests suitability and alignment with the institute's values.

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