Assistant Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

Assistant Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

August 6th, 2019

Assistant Restaurant Managers supervise the day-to-day functioning of eateries. These professionals usually work alongside Restaurant Managers, both of whom report to the General Manager.

When interviewing Assistant Restaurant Managers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent customer service skills and the capacity to innovate. Be wary of candidates who are hostile, unreliable, and cannot be trusted to handle cash.

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Interview Questions for Assistant Restaurant Managers:

1. What strategies would you implement to ensure that front of house runs smoothly?

Reveals prior experience and creativity.

2. How would you manage conflict between staff?

Demonstrates mediation skills.

3. Have you ever implemented a system that saved money in a restaurant?

Shows initiative and creativity.

4. What would you do if the cash register did not balance at the end of a shift?

Assesses analytical and problem-solving skills.

5. How would you assign the most favorable shifts and tables to staff?

Tests organizational skills and impartiality.

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