Armed Security Officer Interview Questions

Armed Security Officer Interview Questions

August 2nd, 2019

Armed Security Officers are tasked with protecting designated people or establishments which they might defend with weaponry when under severe attack. These professionals are also referred to as Armed Guards.

When interviewing Armed Security Officers, the most suitable candidate will exhibit a calm temperament, as well as the capacity to react quickly and responsibly when under pressure. Be wary of candidates who are trigger-happy, lethargic, and unreliable.

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Interview Questions for Armed Security Officers:

1. Can you describe your weapons training?

Shows technical abilities and whether the candidate has attended refresher training, if applicable.

2. How would you know when to use force?

Assesses analytical and problem-solving skills.

3. What is the most dangerous situation that you have successfully navigated?

Highlights prior experience, initiative, and confidence.

4. At what point would you call the police for assistance?

Indicates realistic expectations about one's own capacity.

5. How would you remain vigilant throughout a long shift?

Reveals physical fitness and mental agility.

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