Architectural Engineer Interview Questions

Architectural Engineer Interview Questions

August 27th, 2019

Architectural Engineers are responsible for ensuring building structures and systems are functional, reliable, efficient, and safe. They use maths and science in design principles to ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings and building systems.

When interviewing Architectural Engineers, look for candidates who demonstrate strong analytical skills, as well as knowledge of maths, science, and engineering principles. Take note of candidates who lack good team working and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Architectural Engineers:

1. What process do you use to evaluate new projects?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of architectural engineering processes as well as industry codes and regulations.

2. How would you resolve a disagreement with the members of the design team?

Look for candidates who demonstrate problem-solving skills, as well as good communication skills. Take note of candidates who demonstrate a lack of interpersonal and team working skills.

3. What information or tools would you use to transform a clients wants and needs into a building design?

Look for candidates who demonstrate active listening skills, as well as sound knowledge of design and structural integrity principles. Take note of candidates who lack creative thinking skills.

4. How would you resolve a conflict with a difficult client?

Demonstrates interpersonal and communication skills.

5. What tools would you use to test the structural integrity of an established building?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of industry technology.

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