Anthropologist Interview Questions

Anthropologist Interview Questions

September 10th, 2019

Anthropologists investigate current and previous human experiences. Depending on their orientation, Anthropologists may be concerned with features such as culture, language, and/or biology.

When interviewing Anthropologists, top candidates should be skilled researchers with a history of giving leverage to underrepresented groups. Be dubious of candidates who exhibit prejudiced behaviors, and those with diminished written communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Anthropologists:

1. Can you outline your key theoretical orientation?

Highlights Anthropological expertise and alignment with the company's research agenda.

2. How would you select an appropriate research design?

Illustrates the ability to test research questions by using a suitable research approach.

3. Which studies would you like to conduct if appointed as an Anthropologist?

Reveals own interests plus perceptions about valuable contributions to the knowledge base.

4. What is the most valuable Anthropological work that you have done thus far?

Examines the ability to yield meaningful results.

5. How could you boost public knowledge about Anthropology?

Demonstrates the ability to conduct effective science communication.

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