Ambulance Driver Interview Questions

Ambulance Driver Interview Questions

October 1st, 2020

Ambulance drivers are responsible for transporting emergency and non-emergency patients, as well as emergency personnel to medical facilities. They drive their ambulances as quickly and as safely as possible and assist with loading the patients into the ambulances. They may also provide emergency first aid, if necessary.

When interviewing ambulance drivers, look for candidates with valid driver's licenses and clean driving records. Be wary of candidates who lack knowledge of first aid and those who demonstrate a lack of empathy for patients.

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Interview Questions for Ambulance Drivers:

1. How do you remain calm and control your feelings during stressful situations?

Illustrates the candidate's ability to handle the daily stresses of the job.

2. What do you think is the main responsibility of the ambulance driver?

Demonstrates the candidate's understanding of the role.

3. In what kind of situation would you need to report the facts to the police?

Shows the candidate's concept of patient confidentiality and legal implications.

4. What information should you note in your driver's log?

Indicates the candidate's knowledge of the job requirements.

5. What methods do you use to calm down a panicking patient?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and interpersonal skills.

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