Administrative Secretary Interview Questions

Administrative Secretary Interview Questions

April 14th, 2020

Administrative Secretaries assist public or private organizations with daily administration. They provide secretarial support to managers, create filing systems, and order office supplies. Their duties also include maintaining databases.

To ensure success as an Administrative Secretary, first-class candidates will exhibit administrative and secretarial expertise and possess excellent interpersonal skills. Be wary of candidates with limited administrative skills and those who lack professional etiquette.

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Interview Questions for Administrative Secretaries:

1. Can you tell me how you usually begin and end a formal email?

Demonstrates professionalism, as well as communication skills.

2. How would you respond to a caller demanding to speak with someone in a meeting?

Evaluates the candidate's interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

3. A colleague asks you for a financial report's password. How do you respond?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of the need to protect confidential information.

4. Can you describe how you avoid grammar and spelling errors in your writing?

Highlights communication skills and the candidate's awareness of the need to apply formal writing conventions.

5. Can you explain a few tips you regularly use for generating tables?

Assesses the candidate's experience with office software, as well as their formatting skills.

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