Academic Advisor Interview Questions

Academic Advisor Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Academic Advisors, or College Advisors, work closely with students to select courses and majors, act as a resource, and ensure goal achievement. Good candidates will engage, motivate, and encourage their students. Avoid applicants who are disorganized or lack communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Academic Advisors

1. What daily activities do you think Academic Advisors perform?

Conveys an understanding of duties.

2. How would you ensure that students achieve their goals? How would you track their progress?

Demonstrates ability to keep students on track.

3. If you saw that a student’s grades were slipping, how would you approach the problem?

Shows concern for students and problem-solving skills.

4. How have Academic Advisors helped you? Why was this meaningful?

Reveals past experiences with the role.

5. Which resources would you use to handle student issues?

Shows understanding of policies and resources.

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