Academic Coach Interview Questions

Academic Coach Interview Questions

March 21st, 2018

Academic Coaches help students develop good study habits, prepare for college admissions and financial obligations, and progress towards college and career goals. Ideal candidates should understand stages of student development and be invested in student success. Avoid candidates who lack passion or knowledge of college requirements and resources.

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Interview Questions for Academic Coach

1. How do you identify student strengths and weaknesses?

Demonstrates analytical skills.

2. Tell about a time when someone you were coaching achieved a major goal.

Shows coaching skills.

3. What would you do to break the ice and build trust with a difficult student?

Tests communication skills in a tense situation.

4. Provide examples of successful student-specific study plans that you’ve helped develop.

Demonstrates study skills.

5. How do you tell students about some of the underutilized college resources?

Shows resourcefulness.

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