Youth Sports Instructor Interview Questions

Youth Sports Instructor Interview Questions

October 8th, 2019

Youth Sports Instructors teach young individuals and small teams about sporting guidelines and techniques. Youth Sports Instructors also devise rehabilitative sports lessons following injury.

When interviewing Youth Sports Instructors, preferred candidates should exhibit the ability to foster commendable sportsmanship and mental prowess. Avoid lethargic and uncoordinated candidates.

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Interview Questions for Youth Sports Instructors:

1. How would your offerings differ from those of Youth Sports Coaches?

Inspects familiarity with the distinctions between sports-related instructing and coaching.

2. Which constituents of athletic training programs would you collaborate with Youth Sports Coaches on?

Clarifies perceptions about gainful collaborative opportunities.

3. How would you help sports players to unlearn entrenched techniques?

Evaluates the ability to replace incompatible and erroneous techniques with adaptive ones.

4. When would you host rehabilitative training sessions?

Illustrates thoughtfulness about sites of injury and applicable recovery time.

5. How would you rectify poor physical form?

Affords insight into instructional capacities.

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