Trader Interview Questions

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July 2nd, 2019

Traders buy and sell securities for themselves or on behalf of an individual or company. They evaluate both economic data and trends to predict the success or failure of securities in the financial market.

When interviewing Traders, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate strong business acumen, level-headedness under stressful conditions, and in-depth knowledge of financial markets. Be wary of candidates who lack drive and have poor communication and analytical skills.

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Interview Questions for Traders:

1. What qualities do you think make a good Trader?

Demonstrates the candidate’s industry knowledge and experience.

2. What was the best trade you have ever made?

Demonstrates the candidate’s level of experience and knowledge of financial markets.

3. What was the riskiest trading decision you have ever made? What happened?

Demonstrates the candidate’s experience.

4. How do you stay abreast with the ever-changing financial markets?

Demonstrates the candidate’s interest in financial markets.

5. What strategies do you use to evaluate risk?

Demonstrates the candidate’s analytical skills and industry knowledge.

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