Subject Matter Expert Interview Questions

Subject Matter Expert Interview Questions

May 7th, 2020

Subject Matter Experts manage projects where they apply their specialized knowledge to the development of innovative technical solutions. They are responsible for improving business operations, monitoring the stages of software development, and ensuring efficient implementation of technical solutions.

When interviewing Subject Matter Experts, top-notch candidates will exhibit strong knowledge of business processes, and expertise towards optimizing software operations. Avoid candidates who lack strong leadership skills and those with limited knowledge of software development life cycles.

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Interview Questions for Subject Matter Experts:

1. How do you determine the functionalities that technical solutions should offer?

Demonstrates knowledge, as well as how comprehensive and inclusive the candidate's approach is.

2. Which part of a software development cycle is usually the most challenging?

Determines the candidate's knowledge and experience of software development cycles.

3. What strategy have you found works the best to guide software developers?

Tests the candidate's experience and reveals how effective their communication with software developers is.

4. Can you describe your steps to ensure end-user proficiency with new software?

Evaluates the candidate's experience in training, and reveals whether the steps described meet expectations.

5. How do you stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry?

Assesses the candidate's ability to stay informed about the industry that they contribute their expertise to.

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