Spin Instructor Interview Questions

Spin Instructor Interview Questions

August 27th, 2019

Spin Instructors teach lessons where participants are required to perform various exercises using specialized bikes. Spin Instructors are also known as Indoor Cycling Instructors.

When interviewing Spin Instructors, preferred candidates will be boisterous, encouraging, and skilled in verbal communication. Avoid candidates who are unable to create fully inclusive and enjoyable classes.

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Interview Questions for Spin Instructors:

1. How would you create lessons that engage people of all fitness levels?

Highlights prior experience and innovation.

2. How would you tailor your instruction to suit someone with an arm injury?

Demonstrates a flexible and accessible teaching style.

3. What would you do if an attendee wished to join a class, but had not paid their fee?

Tests problem-solving and interpersonal skills, plus assertiveness.

4. Which songs would you include on your playlist for a morning workout?

Reveals expertise and familiarity with popular music.

5. What would you do to make classes fun and memorable?

Assesses lesson-planning skills, plus the ability to attract and retain clients.

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