Social Media Designer Interview Questions

Social Media Designer Interview Questions

October 8th, 2019

A Social Media Designer designs and develops original social media content and applications aimed at attracting consumers. They produce social media posts and ensure search engine optimization.

When interviewing Social Media Designers, the most suitable candidate should demonstrate knowledge on how to appeal to audiences, strong graphic design skills, and a high level of creativity. Be wary of candidates who lack computer literacy, demonstrate poor communication skills, and have limited experience working with social media.

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Interview Questions for Social Media Designers:

1. What metrics do you use when measuring campaign success?

Demonstrates knowledge of measuring campaign success.

2. Which tools do you find most useful in managing social media channels?

Demonstrates knowledge of social media management tools.

3. What is the most successful campaign you have worked on?

Reveals experience in running successful campaigns.

4. Have you tried any social media experiments in your previous campaigns?

Shows ability to experiment, as well as creativity.

5. What do you think about our social media presence?

Reveals knowledge of the company and provides insight into social media management.

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